I'm maintaining a list of useful Windows development resources at

In addition, we want you to easily throw your own boot camp. We have made all of these materials available so you can get up and running quickly. Please use the materials any way you want. You can use them to hold your own public boot camp. You can use them to hold a boot camp inside your company. You could use them to help train your customers as they roll out Windows 7 in their organization. You could use them to hold an event for your company and invite your customers to show them how awesome you are at client development. It's up to you.


These are the session presentations, all in PowerPoint. They are numbered sequentially. Several slides have notes for the speaker. Some slides need to be modified before the event, so make sure to go over them ahead of time. Also, please make these slides your own. These are meant to be a starting place for you. If you want to adjust the order, go ahead. You should substitute in your own stories and experiences. Adding your personal touch is what will make this material really sing to your audience. Don't like the demos? Go ahead and make up your own. If you have any questions, please try the session recordings, or contact us for clarification.

Windows Development Boot Camp Presentations

Demos and Labs

Demos and labs are the life blood of the materials. The demos are used to show what you just discussed, and the labs are critically important for your attendees to put in action what they just saw. We would be crazy to write our own when the Windows 7 Training Kit For Developers already has a great set of materials. Each module will tell you which demo or lab to do at the right time. Again, if you want to substitue in your own demos or labs, go right ahead. If you do, please share them with us.

Windows 7 Training Kit For Developers - Always use the latest version if possible.
Internet Explorer 9 Lab
Silverlight 4 Out of Browser Demos

Session Recordings

Sometimes the best way to learn new material is to see someone else present it. We will be recording the sessions at an upcoming Boot Camp and will post them here.

Recordings coming soon to

Attendee Resource Kit

These are the bits that you should have on a USB drive to hand around the classroom during the first module. Students are given a list of what they need to attend class, but some still forget bits and pieces. This kit will make sure they have everything they need. I call the folder "Things students should have."